NEU NOW Festival

We designed visual identity for Amsterdam-based NEU NOW Festival featuring the works of Europe’s emerging artists. The theme of the identity is a line, being a symbol of a meeting and an exchange of ideas. With every edition we create a new variation of the logo.

year: 2016-17
what we did: visual identity, branding, logo design, poster, catalogue, prints, wayfinding, web ads, key visual, social posts
designers: Przemek Ostaszewski, Małgorzata Ostaszewska

A wide range of deliverables has been created as a part of the visual identity, including: poster, catalogue, prints, web ads as well as exhibition wayfinding system.

In the catalogue, programme leaflet and the poster, we used uncoated papers by Munken. In natural shade of white and pleasantly rough to the touch. We refined the catalogue cover with embossing and screen print.

Thanks to the minimalist aesthetics, we managed to bring the artists’ works to the forefront of the visual identity and therefore achieving one of the festival’s primary objectives.

Neu Now venue

We also designed graphics and animated gifs for communication in social media. Visual consistency should be felt wherever one interacts with the brand and social media is one of the crucial areas where it pays to care about visual consistency.